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Open Knowledge Labs website (and general issue tracker).
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_data Remove s033 server and services
_includes Assign user_roles as array rather than string
_layouts Remove '.html' from newsletter link
about Adjusted output csv formatting
blog Bump pub date. Add links to core datasets. Fix typo.
contact [contact][xs] Add commas
css Remove underline on hover for member photos
events Update hangouts event page
ideas [ideas][s]: embed overview and tweak page layout.
images logo on robot
img Add compressed project images to repo
join Split out badges to own page
js Use container variable
members Make optional attributes optional
projects Add compressed project images to repo
search [#126,search][m]: add basic search using google custom search.
.gitignore Add Gemfile w/github-pages gem
.travis.yml Update .travis.yml
404.html Add 404 page featuring Count von Count
CNAME [cname,index][xs]: add a stubbed index.html and basic CNAME to test o…
Gemfile Add Gemfile w/github-pages gem Update
_config.yml Allow redirects
_prose.yml Add _prose.yml file and config options for projects
index.html Indentation and removal of extra p tag Add landing page for newsletters.

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