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Open Knowledge Labs website (and general issue tracker).
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_data Remove s033 server and services
_includes Assign user_roles as array rather than string
_layouts Remove '.html' from newsletter link
about Adjusted output csv formatting
blog Merge pull request #356 from danfowler/master
contact [contact][xs] Add commas
css Remove underline on hover for member photos
events Update hangouts event page
ideas [ideas][s]: embed overview and tweak page layout.
images logo on robot
img Merge pull request #356 from danfowler/master
join Split out badges to own page
js Use container variable
members Add a new member
projects Add compressed project images to repo
search [#126,search][m]: add basic search using google custom search.
.gitignore Add Gemfile w/github-pages gem
.gitmodules Replace home page with a custom-designed Jekyll-based site. Blog post…
.travis.yml Update .travis.yml
404.html Add 404 page featuring Count von Count
CNAME [cname,index][xs]: add a stubbed index.html and basic CNAME to test o…
Gemfile Add Gemfile w/github-pages gem Update
_config.yml Allow redirects
_prose.yml Add _prose.yml file and config options for projects
index.html Indentation and removal of extra p tag Add landing page for newsletters.

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