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Join and Get Involved

Join the Community

We're a collaborative community which anyone can join – new participants and contributors are made very welcome!

<h2>Just hangout (or observe from a distance!)</h2>
<p>That's OK, we understand you may want to get a feel of how things operate before you dive in ;-0. If you want to start out dipping your toe in the water we suggest:</p>

  <li><a href="">Following us on twitter</a> &ndash; and send us a message!</li>
  <li><a href="/contact/">Joining the mailing list</a> &ndash; and say hello, we'd love to hear from you!</li>

<p>You can also get a sense of what folks are up to by taking a look at the <a href="/projects/">Projects</a> or the <a href="">Ideas List</a> (especially the <a href="">in progress ones</a>).</p>

<h2>Jump straight in!</h2>

<p>Why not just jump straight in :-) &ndash; there's loads of cool stuff to do, and certain types of contributions will earn you a shiny <a href="/members/badges/">badge</a>! Not sure about something, or just want to chat with someone just <a href="/contact/">get in touch</a>. <strong>Already have something you're working on you'd like to share? We'd be delighted to hear about it &ndash; hop on the <a href="/contact/">mailing list or send us a tweet</a></strong>.</p>

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  <h3>Some Simple Stuff</h3>
  <p>We've got a variety of simple things we'd like to do to improve this website and our community.</p>
  <p><a href="">Check out this list here &raquo;</a></p>
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  <h3>Data Wrangling</h3>
  <p>For example, <a href="">Get government finances into Openspending</a> &ndash; turn ugly government data into clean spreadsheets and beautiful visualizations.</p>
  <p>Take a <a href="">course at the School of Data</a> &ndash; or <a href="">help run one</a>!</p>
  <p>Or, take a <a href="">look at our data wrangling related ideas</a></p>
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  <h3>Coding, Visualizing, Designing</h3>
  <p>The classics! We love data tools and beautiful infographics. Come help make more and improve what <a href="/projects/">we have</a>! If you're stuck for inspiration you can browse our <a href="/ideas/">list of ideas for new tools, apps and visualizations</a> &ndash; and remember, <a href="/ideas/#new">new ideas are very welcome</a>!</p>
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  <h3>Outreach and Engagement</h3>
  <p>Help run and attend events including hangouts and open data parties, write and edit posts for the blog, evangelize and engage around our projects.</p>
  <p>If you're interested please <a href="/contact/">give us a bell  (email may be best here!)</a>.</p>

Events & Meetups

There are lots of opportunities to meet up with others both online and in person. Listed here are a few near-term ones – you can find more on the events page.

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