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Open Knowledge Labs Newsletter

Labs Newsletter

The Open Knowledge Labs newsletter is published approx. every quarter, providing coverage on new and interesting data and tech initiatives from Open Knowledge and the wider Open Knowledge network.

How to submit an item for inclusion

Submitting an item for inclusion in the newsletter is easy! Open a new issue on the Open Knowledge Labs issue tracker here.

A good submission will help us get the newsletter organized efficiently, and would ideally include:

  • A title that is succinct, and describes the item well
  • A link (or links) to the project/initiative you are submitting
  • A single paragraph that presents an introduction to the project/initiative

You'll be updated as to the inclusion of the submission in the newsletter via the same issue.

Viewing items submitted to the newsletter

All items submitted to the newsletter are stored as issues within the okfn/ repo. To view all of the submissions, simply navigate to the issues tab of the okfn/ repo and then search for "is:issue is:open newsletter" (without the quotes). Or, you can just follow this link instead!

Submit an Item