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Open Data Day is a gathering of citizens in cities around the world to write applications, liberate data, create visualizations and publish analyses using open public data to show support for and encourage the adoption of open data policies by the world's local, regional and national governments.

You're invited. Again. The next Open Data Day will take place on Saturday, 7 March 2020.

Check for public website.

Editing / contributing

This site is built with Lektor.

It has a bunch of dependencies, so do npm install and then npm run build.

grunt will watch for changes to your SCSS files, and also icons (see svgstore).

lektor deploy will deploy to the gh-pages branch, putting changes live, if you have deploy permissions.



To translate the site we need to duplicate the file, and save with the language code in the file name, like

We also need to add translations to global-content.ini and main-nav.ini .

If we are adding new language to the site we also need to:

Previous version

The previous version of the site has been moved to the v1 branch.

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