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Git repo for versioning documents for including the Open Definition (OD) and Open Software Service Definition (OSSD).

The current OD version is 1.1. Numerous translations are available on the website. The ideal way to submit new translations is by adding an open-definition-1.1-{language code}.markdown file in source/open-definition-1.1

The current OSSD version is 1.1, translations to source/open-software-service-definition-1.1


We are storing license texts. This is for several reasons:

  • Analysis and review
  • Preservation (and caching)

Note: not all licenses we list will be Open Definition conformant as we include licenses that are under discussion or some non-conformant licenses for preservation purposes.


  • Store licenses as markdown files
  • Store licenses in /licenses/

    # conformant licenses
    # licenses under review
    # non-conformant licenses
  • The process is for license texts to go into inreview to start with and then get moved to the appropriate location upon a decision by the Advisory Council


  • license-id should be a short url-usable name e.g. odc-pddl or cc-zero
  • Do not put a version in the license name unless is a differentiating factor (e.g.
    • We use github revisions to track changes (and you can use github tags if needed)

Example, suppose we were storing the Open Data Commons Public Domain Dedication and License.

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