Public Domain Calculators - determine what is public domain and what's not.
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Public Domain Calculator - determine what is public domain and what's not.

CLI Usage [-h] -c COUNTRY -i INSTANCE [-g GLOBAL] [-l] [-m {file,url}] [-f {rdf,json}]

-c COUNTRY, --country COUNTRY

country for which to test

-i INSTANCE, --instance INSTANCE 

instance to test

-g GLOBAL, --global GLOBAL

global mapping - Usable to test if a given global mapping works.

-l, --list

True if the file contains a list of other files or ulrs

-m {file,url}, --mode {file,url}

instance definition mode - Valid values are "file" or "url"

-f {rdf,json}, --format {rdf,json}

format of the instances - Valid values are "rdf" or "json".


lists the valid country/flavor combinations