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A database of public bodies (or organizations):

Government-run or controlled organizations or entities which may or may not have distinct corporate existence

Examples are:

  • Government Ministries or Departments
  • State-run Health organizations
  • Police and fire departments

Visit the site:


Data is stored in CSVs partitioned by country or region (e.g. EU) in the data folder. Files are named by two-letter ISO code.

Contribute data

Please just add a CSV file and submit a pull request or open an issue.

The set of fields required in the CSV file can be seen in the field list on: public-body-schema.json. You can also check out the existing data in data/ for hints. To learn more about Data Packages, visit

If you can, developing a bot to automatically and periodically collect the data is even better.

For developers of the website

The website is a Jekyll site. To get it running locally:

  1. Install Docker.

  2. Get the code

    git clone
    cd publicbodies
  3. Run Jekyll

    cd website
    export JEKYLL_VERSION=4.2.0
    docker run --rm --volume="$PWD:/srv/jekyll" -it jekyll/minimal:$JEKYLL_VERSION jekyll build --baseurl $PWD/_site/ --watch

    The built website will appear on the website/_site folder.

The list of outstanding issues is at:

For developers of data collector bots

Data is kept automatically up-to-date by bots that collect and update data once a week. The scripts are kept on the scripts/import directory, followed by the international place code (e.g. br for Brazil, it for Italy).

The script MUST be runnable from a command line interface. It should display the available options if run with the --help parameter, and output data to the file chosen by the --output parameter. For example:

python3 scripts/import/br/ --help
usage: [-h] [--output file_name]

Imports Brazilian public body data from the official source and complements it
with data from several auxiliary sources. Official source: [SIORG's open data

optional arguments:
  -h, --help          show this help message and exit
  --output file_name  filename for the data output as CSV

When making requests, bots MUST use the Public Bodies Bot user agent string to identify themselves to servers:

PublicBodiesBot (

If using Python, use the same libraries already defined in scrips/requirements.txt, in order to keep the project dependencies tidy, and only add new ones if strictly necessary.

After creating a new bot, make sure to add it to the update data workflow so that it runs regularly and keeps the data up-to-date.

Original preparation

Details of the automated data extraction to build the original database.

Data sources: