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Improve transform functionality #94

rgrp opened this Issue April 15, 2012 · 1 comment

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Rufus Pollock
Rufus Pollock
rgrp commented April 15, 2012

Current transform functionality has limitations like:

  • Only transforms current documents (rather than whole dataset)
  • Requires documents to have an id (this seems necessary - see below)
    • Ensure documents have an id
  • Not very efficient

Improved View

  • Convert view from modal to a proper Dataset view (needed now that we no longer run off column)
  • Refactor to be full record transform

ID support

  • Requiring documents to have an id field seems a generally good idea. Options:
Rufus Pollock rgrp referenced this issue from a commit June 28, 2012
Rufus Pollock [#94,transform][m]: rework transform functionality and integration ex…
…tensively (+ its working again!).

* view.transform.js: major refactor
  * general record transform rather than column transform
  * Normal dataset view rather than modal
  * Reworked UI
  * split out css from grid.css and simplify
* model.js + backend.memory.js: transform implemented on Dataset and Memory (Dataset passes off to _store).
* multiview: use new transform view
* _includes/recline-deps - rework to use source files rather than built ones
Rufus Pollock rgrp referenced this issue from a commit June 29, 2012
Rufus Pollock [#94,backend/memory,transform][s]: support for doing transforms witho…
…ut depending on an id field.

* Use index into array instead
* Not totally happy with this but still ...
Rufus Pollock
rgrp commented July 01, 2012

FIXED. (largely).

Rufus Pollock rgrp closed this July 01, 2012
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