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\author{William Shakespeare}
% title for Open Shakespeare
The Open Shakespeare Edition
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% \@title
William Shakespeare
Edited and Designed\\
{\Large The Open Shakespeare Project\\
of the\\
Open Knowledge Foundation
\noindent `{\copyright}' 2009 The Open Knowledge Foundation\\
Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License v3.0
\noindent This material is `open' and may be freely copied, performed and modified without \emph{any} permission from us. Of course we'd appreciate acknowledgement of our efforts -- for example by including a link to our website -- and we'd also love to hear about what uses our work has been put to (you can contact us by email on: \emph{}).
\noindent Source material for this document together with build instructions can be found on the project website: \emph{}. (The source, rather than this PDF, is almost certainly what you want if you are looking to make modifications).
% But the basic point is:\\[1em]
% \textbf{You're completely free to do whatever you like with this text without asking our permission so please go ahead download, print and redistribute to your hearts content.}\\[1em]
% If you're looking to modify this you probably won't want to work with a PDF so we suggest your grab the source (also openly licensed) from our repository at: ...
% Note that the text itself if public domain and for that you should be acknowledge Mr Shakespreare not us!\\
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