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Could target plain LaTeX but preference is to use a pre-existing package:
* dramatist: fairly recent, good docs and reasonably sophisticated.
* <>
* <>
* play: slightly more recent and usable as both class and package had
problems getting act/scene etc working
* <>
* plari: Looks old and v. basic (also a class not a package)
* <>
* drama: old (1996) and no longer updated.
* <>
* xmlplay: specifically for Bosak Shakespeare and uses play
* <>
Can get many of these on Ubuntu/Debian by installing:
Also relevant for general layout:
* memoir pacakge.
* verse
## Title Pages
1. Get a designer to do hand-crafted images
2. Use latex
3. Combination of both
### Using Latex
See p.107 onwards of memoir class manual. This in turn refers to example title pages that can be found at: