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This repository contains scripts to fetch trees datasets for various councils in Victoria and load it into a database. It also contains a simple static website with a map of all the trees. This requires TileMill running server-side.

The source code for the webpage at is also here.


sudo apt-get install -y wget gdal-bin jq

How to use

  1. download a number of individual datasets
  2. load each dataset into its own PostGIS table
  3. mergetrees.sql: extract data from fields into standard schema
  4. cleantrees.sql: fix up all kinds of data errors

How to set up PGREST

PGREST provides a lookup service for data.

wget '' tar xf postgrest*.xz

sudo -u postgres createuser readtrees

sudo -u postgres psql -d trees <<EOF alter user readtrees with password 'angpohora';


Add this to pg_hba.conf

host trees readtrees md5

nohup ./postgrest- -d trees -U readtrees --db-pass angpohora -a readtrees &


All code (so far) written by Steve Bennett (,, @stevage1)

All code released under Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY 3.0 AU)