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We work on Air pollution from 26th may to 26th july of 3 different locations, namely Ratnapark, Bhaisipati and Sauraha,chitwan. We worked on the parameters given by tsp, pm1, pm10, pm25 and blackcarbon.

#our insights

  1. we worked on hourly effects of the parameters on a 3 month period on average and plotted it in a graph.

  2. we also worked as per the week-days to see its trend on the average 3 month period.

  3. We also worked to see the parameters' trend in each month for Ratnapark and Sauraha. We found that Ratnapark had comparatively more pollution than Sauraha. However the data for the Sauraha did not have blackcarbon data. So, we could not compare that parameter.

  4. We had also planned to see the air pollution condition in the morning (6-12:00), afternoon (12:00-17:00), evening (17:00-20:00) and night (20:00-6:00). However, we did not get desirable result.

S.N. NAME Role

  1. Ashish Agarwal Student/Pulchowk
  2. Deepak Pandey Student/Pulchowk
  3. Pranita Shrestha Student/Tsinghua
  4. Nikita Shrestha Student/Pulchowk
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