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OKShadow by OKFocus

OKShadow is a jQuery plugin that produces drop shadows that track the mouse cursor. Many effects are possible, including depth-of-field simulation and focus effects. See examples here.


OKShadow can bind to any DOM element that recognizes the CSS3 box-shadow or text-shadow property.


option description default
color sets shadow color #888
textShadow applies the shadow to the text; otherwise, the shadow affects the container (“box-shadow”) false
transparent sets text color to transparent for ghost text effect false
downwards on mobile browsers, shadows will only move downwards true
xMax horizontal movement constraint, in pixels null
yxOffset horizontal offset, in pixels 0
xFactor affects blur position based on mouse distance 30
yMax vertical movement constraint, in pixels null
yOffset vertical offset, in pixels 0
yFactor affects blur position based on mouse distance 30
fuzzMin minimum blur radius in pixels null
fuzzMax maximum blur radius in pixels null
fuzzFactor affects blur radius based on mouse distance 40


OKShadow offers the method setoption so parameters can be changed after instantiation. It takes either a hash of parameters or a single key and value. For example:

  "color": "red",
  "fuzzMin": 10,

For use in dynamic web apps, use the pause and unpause methods to turn the effect on and off.

Run Tests

OKFocus tests JavaScript with Jasmine. Run tests:

$ bundle install
$ jasmine init
$ rake jasmine

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