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====================== Historic Carbon Budget

TODO write a more involved readme :-)

In 2050, we can use existing figures from the World Bank, and ($INSERT_SOURCE_HERE) to learn:

  • how much Co2 we should be emitting
  • what the population will be
  • the size of economy should be in USD/GDP

If there figures to be met, then our economy will have a certain degree of efficiency, in terms ofg CO2 needed generate a single UKP of GDP.

How efficient are we now with BAU though? How efficient are other companies?

For this project, we're looking at the historical trend to see how fast we're improving as a planet at generating a given amount of GDP, for a given amount CO2.

Effective Carbon Efficiency

Carbon Dioxide emissions per capita, over GDP per capita.

If you're the UK, you want to reduce CO2 emissions per capita, while sustaining reasonable levels of GDP per capital growth (assuming population stays about the same).

eg for the UK now:

  • GDP per capita = 24000
  • Co2 per capita = 12

Effective carbon efficiency = 2000 UKP per ton (unit to be specified)

eg. for UK in 2050

  • GDP per capita = 20000
  • Co2 per capita = 2

Effective carbon efficiency = 10000 UKP per ton (unit to be specified)

If you're a developing country, you want to increase GDP per capita, while managing growth in CO2 emissions.

eg for India now

  • GDP per capita = 1000
  • CO2 per capita = 1.7

Effective carbon efficiency = 600 UKP per ton (unit to be specified)

eg. for India 2050

  • GDP per capita = 10000
  • Co2 per capita = 1

Effective carbon efficiency = 10000 UKP per ton (unit to be specified)