Parses a directory of SVG images and outputs a CSS file of inlined data URIs as well as a directory of PNG images for fallback.
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CLI tool that consumes a directory of SVG images and outputs a CSS file of inlined data as well as a directory of PNG images for fallback if necessary.

iconr screenshot


iconr [inputDirectory] [outputDirectory] -options


longName shortName description
analytics a Displays a summary of application process tasks
base64 b Base64 encode SVG data URI (fallback PNG is always Base64)
classname c Set a prefix for css classes (default classname is SVG filename)
debug d Debug mode: will output additional information for development
filename f Set filename of css output (default is iconr.css)
help h Output usage information
killcomment k Removes the 'generated by iconr' CSS comment
nopng n Suppress creation of PNG fallback images (needed for < IE8)
nopngdata N Suppress creation of PNG fallback data URI (needed for IE8)
optimizesvg o Will attempt to optimize the SVG to minimize file size
pretty p Output CSS in a 'beautified' format
separatecss s Create separate stylesheets for IE
stdout S Output CSS to stdout instead of saving to a file
verbose v Verbose mode: log application progress to the console
version V Output version number


  npm install -g iconr


Expects Modernizr classes on front-end.

Contributing to iconr

Contributions and pull requests are very welcome. Please follow these guidelines when submitting new code.

  1. Make all changes in ./src, not in ./lib, which is a build target.
  2. Use npm install -d to install the correct development dependencies.
  3. Use gulp watch to generate iconr's compiled JavaScript files as you code.
  4. Submit a Pull Request using GitHub.


Released under the MIT License.