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Gomods is a personal project. From our current viewpoint, its role is: Provide an easy to use but full featured proxy server for Go modules with Caddy's features.

Our detailed items:

  • Easy to setup and use
  • Local caching, which can optionally be backed by mounting persistent volumes
  • Parallel workers for fetching and storing modules

Core Concept

Gomods' core concept is to make setting up a Go modules proxy server easier and faster.

General Aim

Gomods accelerates starting a Go modules proxy process with its easy to understand config and features like parallel workers and caching


A lot of discussion about Gomods happens within Github issues. Ideally, we will keep it that way until Gomods becomes big enough that this turns into a problem. The advantages of this is that all documentation and issues are publicly searchable and easily linked to the source code.


The Gomods project should always aim to devote a lot of time to making contributors feel like an important part of the community. We should strive to provide a place for anyone to be able to contribute. The aim of the core team should be to work on ways to showcase contributions, encourage adoption and show off great work. An example of where this worked is the CocoaPods Quality Index.