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Documentation for v0.15.2

Documentation Documentation defaults to latest release

Changes since v0.15.1

  • Add support for sort order in the list fragment #583
  • Add minHeight param to hero fragment #571
  • Bump Hugo's minimum required version to v0.58 #588

Fixes since v0.15.1

  • Fix fragments not showing in the 404 page #575
  • Fix global fragments with subitems showing warning #582
  • Fix toc list displaying pagination in docs
  • Fix extra padding on code blocks #603
  • Filter special pages out of list fragment's displayed pages #595
  • Fix children deptch in toc #596
  • Fix bad split in event params (pubsub) #594



Documentation for v0.15.1

Documentation Documentation defaults to latest release

Changes since v0.15.0

Fixes since v0.15.0

  • Add the new auto generated files (have been missed in a previous commit)
  • Move syna-grid.css from user side to theme side (bad approach, removes it from user side at least)
  • Fix the .Dir deprecation warning, I have no idea how these are popping up



Documentation for v0.15

Documentation Documentation defaults to latest release

Changes since v0.14.0

  • BREAKING: item: Item URL configuration is now item_url instead of url
  • BREAKING: Custom JS and CSS within config.toml are replaced by config fragment
  • Huge documentation overhaul
  • Accesibility improvements via alt and sr-only tags
  • Code snippets and inline code are more readable (invert background)
  • Contrast improvements for text, buttons and backgrounds
  • Add Title_align for better control of headers
  • Enable and document usage of FontAwesome Pro
  • Upgrade FontAwesome
  • Show scrollspy and active page to navbar and sidebar based navbars
  • Resize images automatically with the exception of static/ based ones
  • Use favicon.svg and favicon.png, if defined
  • Add slot feature to combine various fragments
  • Add support for social media cards
  • Ability to create documentation via content and list using sidebar slots
  • list: Add collapsible items
  • nav: Add sticky option
  • hero: Ability to customize particle.js
  • pricing: Add plan:change event
  • New: events: Client side pubsub like event framework including triggering events via URL
  • events: Base64 obfuscated event URLs
  • New: stripe: Add payments fragment based on stripe
  • stripe: Prevent double charges by disabling button
  • stripe: Add multiple price option
  • stripe: Add custom price option
  • New: graph: Add chart.js fragment
  • New: TOC: Add table of contents fragment
  • New: config: New config fragment to inject custom assets such as meta, link or script
  • New: header: Add separate header fragment

Fixes since v0.14.0

  • Fix consistency of header margins
  • Retriggering an event will clear fields
  • stripe: Fix multiple Stripe fragments on a single page
  • contact: Fix Recaptcha positioning
  • contact: Make contact form async even within Firefox
  • table: Optimize darker background colors
  • content: Sidebar margin fixes
  • 404: Fix layout issues
  • editor: Fix editor not always loading
  • react-portal: Fix portal not always loading



Documentation for v0.14


Changes since v0.13.0

  • BREAKING: Fragment lookup order was broken in v0.13. Please check your fragments are overwritten as expected.
  • BREAKING: item: Icons should be placed under asset table
  • BREAKING: items: Icon for each column should be placed under asset table
  • BREAKING: logos: Deprecated logos fragment in favor of items fragment
  • BREAKING: header: align variable is changed to header_align
  • Some colors have slightly changed. The change is a major internal overall. It's not considered a breaking change but please review your design.
  • nav: Breadcrumb support added using breadcrumb: false/true and breadcrumb_level: 1
  • table/item: Extract table into its own helper
  • list: Display date and category for pages
  • list: Pagination is now supported
  • list: Change page title size based on visibility of summary
  • list: Add ability to use a custom summary using .Params.summary
  • content: .Params.summary added with markdown support
  • content: Display date
  • content: Fix max-width of images in the content
  • pricing: Add warning message in case there are no items available
  • global: All fragments now support alignment of the title and subtitle
  • faq: Add faq fragment to list questions and answers
  • Header (title and subtitle) code extracted into helper partial
  • Text-color code extracted into helper partial
  • Theme colors are now customizable through config.toml
  • Hugo resource pipelines now builds sass files instead of Webpack
  • Make build command minify by default

Fixes since v0.13.0

  • contact: Fix contact form not submitting data to Netlify



Documentation for v0.13.0


Changes since v0.12.0

  • BREAKING: Page declaration from _index/ needs to be moved to content/
  • BREAKING: Page declaration for _index/ needs to be set to headless = true
  • BREAKING: Image declaration changed from [branding], image = "" to [asset] using consistent asset declaration
  • BREAKING: Image declaration changed from header = "" to [header] using consistent asset declaration
  • BREAKING: Image declaration changed from [[logos]] to [[assets]] using consistent asset declaration
  • Hugo resource pipelines now builds sass files instead of Webpack
  • Theme colors are now customizable through config.toml
  • New: list fragment for section pages and page lists
  • New: pricing fragment to show pricing and features
  • New: react-portal fragment to embed react based features
  • New: editor fragment to create an editor from JSON schemas
  • New: search fragment enabling search as part of a page
  • navbar: Support search in navbar
  • content: Optionally show date and category in content fragment
  • footer: asset.title is moved to .Params.title
  • portfolio: Support image fallthrough
  • 404: Add ability to change and resize image
  • member, items, portfolio: Display error messages, when no item is configured
  • Refactor fragment lookup strategy
  • Restructure exampleSite (showcase fragments and use as actual page for Syna)
  • Add /dev/ section to exampleSite for testing and development
  • Extract code into helper partials

Fixes since v0.12.0

  • footer: Subtitle is now linked when there is no logo
  • Use relLangURL for all links
  • Fix recaptcha support for Netlify contact form
  • Optimize asset sizes in exampleSite



Documentation for v0.12.0

Documentation Getting started

Changes since v0.11.0

  • BREAKING: content-single and content-split merged into content fragment
  • BREAKING: Moving to _index and _global as special directories and headless bundles
  • BREAKING: Subpath handling made consistent with Hugo
  • New: header fragment for easier section bundling and linking
  • New: portfolio fragment to showcase projects etc.
  • New: Categories for content fragment
  • member: Company affiliation for single member mode
  • member: Redesign single member mode
  • Getting started guide
  • Update documentation
  • Bundle JS files and register them within each fragment
  • 404: Refactor 404 to be fragment based

Fixes since v0.11.0

  • Improve naming consistency
  • Cleanup bootstrap files
  • Add attribution for inspiration
  • table: Align table cells using align variable
  • items: Remove icon, if not set
  • item/table: Fix icon + url
  • item: Fix align = center


Note: This version includes major breaking changes. With v0.11.0 most breaking changes are already settled. We expect a few more breaking changes in the coming releases, but nothing major. Our recommendation is to build your side from our release tags instead of master.



Documentation Examples

Changes since v0.10.0

  • BREAKING: Remove split layout in favour of content-split fragment
  • BREAKING: Change all frontmatter variables named link to url
  • BREAKING: Contact fragment configuration are loaded within the fragment controller
  • NOTE: jQuery and jQuery Form Validator and BootstrapJS have been replaced with much smaller replacements
  • NOTE: Nav and Footer are now fragments and should be configured
  • Full rework of contact fragment
  • Add support for global fragments
  • Scroll to top button
  • Netlify contact form support
  • Use snake_case variable names
  • Use nesting for frontmatter variables
  • Default attribution to opt-in
  • Settable jumbotron background
  • Auto hide navbar (no menu items) with optional overwrite
  • Single member mode for Member fragment
  • Makefile to build and run a development server
  • Add resource fallthrough to all images
  • Remove extra whitespace in layout files
  • Automatically set lastmod for content files
  • Upgrade to Bootstrap v4
  • Load all assets locally and remove usage of CDNs
  • Introduce webpack for development
  • Upgrade to latest Bootstrap v4.1
  • Auto hide empty navigation bar

Fixes since v0.10.0

  • Recaptcha support
  • Jumbotron corners
  • Add links support for logo in footer fragment
  • Fix full width coverage for particle.js
  • Fontawesome icons now need to declare the full icon class: fab fa-facebook instead of fa-facebook
  • Fix the default hidden contact fields.
  • ParticleJS fixes





Notes: This version includes a major breaking change.

Changes since v0.9.0

  • Migrate data files to Page Bundles
  • Use individual content files for member fragment
  • Use individual content files for items fragment
  • Reorganize Content structure

Fixes since v0.9.0

  • Split up member files into individual files (#13)
  • Move from <p> to <div> for anything that could contain markdown content (#31)





Notes: Member and Footer fragments only support brand icons for now.

Changes since v0.8.0

  • Subscribe fragment reusing embed fragment
  • Pre and Post subtitle for item for item fragment
  • Migrate to Fontawesome v5
  • Unchanged bootstrap v4 scss files
  • Syna specific color overwrite

Fixes since v0.8.0

  • Page-top anchor (#20)





Changes since v0.7.0

  • Add icons to member fragment
  • Color option for hero
  • Item fragment with button and image/icon
  • Cleanup example data
  • Automatic push to demo via gitlab ci
  • Update basefiles via reposeed

Fixes since v0.7.0

  • Member icon hover
  • Print error on captcha inaccessible





Changes since v0.6.0

  • Option to hide unimportant columns on smaller devices
  • Option to center table headers
  • German translation
  • Member fragment
  • Source code note about syna
  • Visual attribution

Fixes since v0.6.0

  • Table responsiveness
  • Alignment legal footer
  • Improve readability on mobile





Changes since v0.5.0

  • Merge item based fragments into item fragment
  • Restructure example data
  • Optional table for item fragment
  • Table fragment

Fixes since v0.5.0

  • Alignment improvements for item fragment
  • Responsiveness for item images





Changes since v0.4.0

  • Height and width option to hero logo
  • Bind hero background image position to bottom
  • Button fragment for call to action
  • Reorganize fragments
  • Cleanup data files
  • Item fragment with cal to action

Fixes since v0.4.0

  • Fragment include conditionals





Changes since v0.3.0

  • Background color for body
  • 404 page
  • Multiple button option for hero
  • Embed fragment for videos or other media





Changes since v0.2.0

  • Cleanup exampleSite
  • Two column single page
  • More example navigation





Changes since v0.1.0

  • Background color options
  • Simple one column single page





Changes since v0.0.0

  • Bootstrap 4 support
  • Logo fragment
  • Contact fragment
  • Legal footer fragment
  • Footer fragment
  • Hero fragment
  • Row based item fragment
  • Column based item fragment
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