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If you are starting out contributing to Syna Theme, there might be smaller scoped "starter issues" available:
[Current starter issues](

Any changes in CSS/JS files or fonts require webpack which is managed with `package.json`'s npm scripts. You need to run the following commands which would install the required dependencies for building the changed files and start webpack for the build process itself.

make dep # Would install package.json's dependencies
make dev # Would start the build process for development

Prerequisites: node and yarn need to be installed on your system.

`make dev` would start webpack and any change you make to JS or CSS files would result in a build that is located in `static/`.

Keep in mind that JS and CSS files located in `static/` are bundled automatically reflecting the current state of the `static-main/` directory. Any file required in JS or style files (css, scss) is also bundled and put in `static/` directory from `static-main/`. Font files or images loaded in style files that have a relative path follow this rule.

On the other hand changes to layout files only need hugo. There is a demo available that we use to test as well as a demo. Any change to the entire site needs to be tested in the demo. If there is a new fragment it needs to be added to the demo as well. Demo is located in `exampleSite/` directory and it can be built using the following commands:

cd exampleSite
hugo -c content --config config.toml server -D

These commands will change the working directory to the demo directory and build that directory in watch mode (so any changes are reflected) with Syna as the theme.
For helping out developing on Syna directly take a look at our [developer documentation](

### Report bug

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Highly customizable open source theme for Hugo based static websites

[![state](]() [![release](]( [![license](](LICENSE)
[![state](]() [![release](]( [![license](](LICENSE)

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![Syna Theme screenshot](

## Using Syna Theme

Start exploring [Syna](

To get started with your own website use our [starter repo](
Or get started creating your own page with our [starter repo](

## Documentation

Take a look at our full [documentation](

## Changelog

Detailed changes for each release are documented in the [release notes](

## Support
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Copyright 2017 - The Syna Theme Authors

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