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stp-ip committed Apr 6, 2018
1 parent 4b66e07 commit b6330877a7ac795ef6031315230bfdee7d5608c3
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@@ -3,17 +3,17 @@ project:
state: "beta"
image: ""
website: ""
oneLiner: "Open Source Theme for Hugo Static Site Generator based on Bootstrap 4"
oneLiner: "Highly customizable open source theme for Hugo based static websites"
description: |
Base your next personal, project or commercial website on Syna.
Highly customizable with modular per-page fragments.
version: "v0.1.0"
version: "v0.10.0"

type: "community"
overview: |
This project thrives to be the goto theme for websites using Hugo.
concept: "Example Project's core concept to showcase how, why it does what it does."
concept: "Built a modular theme to be easily extendible with a default library of fragments available."
aim: "Syna provides a generic solution to easily get up and running, but doesn't consider hugely specialized solutions to be integrated."


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