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Protocol-oriented solution to add quick cells rearrange/reorder to UITableView, written in Swift 2.2
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Long press on a cell to catch it, then move it anywhere you want. Table view scrolls up or down when catched cell is near the top or bottom edge of the table view.

QuickRearrangeTableView has two predefined catch style options: hover

and translucency


• Add QuickRearrangeTableView.swift to your project


• Make view controller containing your table view adopt RearrangeDataSource protocol (or use any other object as data source)

• Make your table view class adopt Rearrangable protocol: add var rearrange: RearrangeProperties! to its declaration and paste its type name to extension _: Rearrangable

• Call setRearrangeOptions(options: dataSource:) and pass options and data source object

Usage example included, tested in Xcode 7.3, iOS 9.3

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