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The project has been stopped!!

The development method has changed a lot be from the project start time to now, and there are many better alternatives in the open source community. So I think the projet is outdated, and decided to stop maintenance.
Sorry about for this.
If someone is still willing to continue maintenance, welcome to create a new project, it will be the best way.


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Koala is a GUI application for LESS, Sass and CoffeeScript compilation, to help web developers use these tools more efficiently for development.



v2.1.0 release Changelog



  • Multi-language Support: support for LESS, Sass, Compass Framework, CoffeeScript and Dust.
  • Real-time Compilation: listens to files, compiles automatically when file changes occur. Everything runs in the background without the need for user input.
  • Compile Options Support: compilation options are avaliable per file.
  • Compression: automatic compression of code after compilation has completed.
  • Error Notification: if an error is encountered during compilation, Koala will display an error notification.
  • Cross-platform: Koala runs perfectly on Windows, Linux and Mac.




koala is built with node-webkit. node-webkit is an app runtime based on Chromium and node.js. You can write native apps in HTML and Javascript with node-webkit.

How to run Koala source code?

  1. Clone Koala to the local;
  2. For windows, I DON'T KNOW YET For Mac OS X and Linux, run ./
  3. Download node-webkit prebuilt binaries for your system environment.
  4. For windows, copy nw.exe, nw.pak, icudt.dll to koala/src directory, and install Ruby to koala/src/ruby;
    For Linux, copy nw, nw.pak, install Ruby: sudo apt-get install ruby;
    For Mac OS X, copy, OS X already have Ruby installed.
  5. Run the nw executable file.


koala's code uses the Apache license, Version 2.0, see our LICENSE file.

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Koala is a GUI application for less, sass and coffeescript compilation, to help web developers to the development more efficient.




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