Using project settings

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Getting started

Select a project, right-click on it and choose "Project Settings" --> "new settings" --> choose the language you use. Then koala will create a "koala-config.json" file under you project directory, you can edit it and set custom settings.
When the "koala-config.json" file modify, koala will auto reload the project with the configuration in "koala-config.json".

Configuration properties


The mappings of source directory and output directory.

"mappings": [
		"src": "path/to/source",
		"dest": "path/to/output"
		"src": "path/to/source2",
		"dest": "path/to/output2"


Add the ignore rules that Koala will not search them.
e.g. "ignores": ["*.json", "*.txt", "test", "path/libs"]


The default compile option of all the files in project.
If you want to change the compile options for individual files, select the file, you can change the settings on the right column.


If some of the options you need is not inside "options", you can add it here.
Please use the full name of options. e.g. ["--scss", ... ,"--no-cache"].
Run the command "sass -h", "lessc -h", "coffee -h" to see all options.


An array of filesystem paths or importers which should be searched for Less/Sass templates imported with the @import directive.
It be equivalent to "--include-path" for Less and "--load-path PATH" for Sass.


An array of ruby libraries, require them before running Sass.
It be equivalent to "--require LIB" for Sass.

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