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sftp plugin

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Getting Started

This project is a fastlane plugin. To get started with fastlane-plugin-sftp, add it to your project by running:

fastlane add_plugin sftp

About sftp

This plugin provides two actions to either upload files to a SFTP server or to download them. It is inspired by the plugin apprepo by Matej Sychra. Since the apprepo plugin did not provide the possibility to provide a password for the RSA key fie, I decided to write this plugin



This action can be used, to upload multiple files or even complete folders to a SFTP server. You can eiter provide a password via server_password or specify the path to a key file via server_key. If your keyfile has a password set, you can specify this via server_key_passphrase.

  server_url: "",
  server_user: "john_doe",
  server_key: "#{Dir.home}/.ssh/id_rsa",
  target_dir: "remote/path/on/server", 
  file_paths:["test_file_01.txt", "test_file_02.txt", "test_folder_01"],

When uploading a folder, the source folder and ists contents will be placed inside the target dir on the remote server.


This action can be used to download files or folders from a remote server. The parameters are teh same as for sftp_upload but the target_dir parameter specifies a local folder where all filles should be stored and the file_paths parameter specifies the path to the files or folders which should be downloaded.

  server_url: "",,
  server_user: "john_doe",
  server_password: "secret"
  target_dir: "local/folder",


Check out the example Fastfile to see how to use this plugin. Try it by cloning the repo, running fastlane install_plugins and bundle exec fastlane test.

Run tests for this plugin

To run both the tests, and code style validation, run


To automatically fix many of the styling issues, use

rubocop -a

Issues and Feedback

For any other issues and feedback about this plugin, please submit it to this repository.


If you have trouble using plugins, check out the Plugins Troubleshooting guide.

Using fastlane Plugins

For more information about how the fastlane plugin system works, check out the Plugins documentation.

About fastlane

fastlane is the easiest way to automate beta deployments and releases for your iOS and Android apps. To learn more, check out


This project is licensed under the terms of the MIT license. See the LICENSE file.

This project and all fastlane tools are in no way affiliated with Apple Inc. This project is open source under the MIT license, which means you have full access to the source code and can modify it to fit your own needs. All fastlane tools run on your own computer or server, so your credentials or other sensitive information will never leave your own computer. You are responsible for how you use fastlane tools.


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