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VeraCrypt Bruteforcer
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VeraCrypt Bruteforcer

vUte Screenshoot

How to install

git clone

cd vUte

Even more beautiful with lolcat :D

apt install lolcat


./ [-t timeout INT] [-r threads INT ] [-d dictionary FILE]
   [-u update] [-l license] [-h help] [-c container.veracrypt FILE]

-c container.veracrypt
    Veracrypt container to bruteforce. Default NOT SET(Mandatory)

-t timeout
    Number of seconds to wait for Veracrypt completion. Default value: 5

-r threads
    Threads to run. Default value: 0.

-d dictionary
    Wordlist file to use. Default value: dict.txt

-u update
    Update and Exit 0
    Update vUte from official GitHub (

-l license
    Print License and Exit 0

-h help
    Print help options and Exit 0



If you copy the script from Windows to Linux you should remove CRLF :

mv ; tr -d '\r' < >

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