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Update README with short example used of _dwim_add_transform

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## Usage
Type a command and hit `control-u` and `zsh-dwim` will attempt to transform your command. Typing `control-u` at an empty command prompt will recall the previous command from your history and then attempt to transform it.
+## Creating your own transformations
+You can add your own transformations by calling the `_dwim_add_transform` function. This function takes up to three parameters, the third being optional.
+ _dwim_add_transform <pattern to match> <code to run> [exit status of previous command]
+Here's a simple example:
+ ## tar ft -> tar fx (a.k.a. list -> extract)
+ _dwim_add_transform '^tar (ft|tf)' \
+ '_dwim_sed "s/^tar (ft|tf)/tar fx/"'
+The `_dwim_sed` function is a little helped function that applies a `sed` regex to the current command.

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