Save copies of snapchat stories from response captures
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Save copies of snapchat stories from response captures of /loq/all_updates and /bq/stories

Instructions for use

  1. Run npm install in the repository's folder
  2. Place a JSON dump of Snapchat's response from /loq/all_updates or /bq/stories in the folder, named cap.json. Make sure to remove any HTTP headers from the file.
  3. Run node story-decrypt.js

Or if you're feeling adventurous...

You can now automatically capture responses using a mitmproxy script, as long as you have mitmproxy and your iOS device configured correctly:

  1. Set your iOS device to manual proxy, pointing towards your computer at mitmproxy's port (default 8080)
  2. Run sh in the repository's folder
  3. Putter around in Snapchat, dragging lists down to refresh, until the script says that it's done.
  4. There is no step 4.


  • Automatically discards ads
  • Doesn't overwrite previously-downloaded stories
  • Does all the decryption for you


  • Can't automatically login for you
    • Snapchat made their API quite intruder-proof after the Snappening.
    • There's an unused function in the main file that's my failed attempt at login code. Feel free to try to improve it and submit a pull request.
      • With login functionality, the code could run automatically as a cron job!
  • Can't make your coffee