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A synchronous rickrolling system built with Node.JS and Socket.IO
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socket-rickroll Build Status

A synchronous rickrolling system built with Node.JS and Socket.IO. Not very clean, may include extraneous code, as this is my first Socket project. Feel free to submit a PR. "Never Gonna Give You Up" and its music video are of course copyright Rick Astley and his record label, although I don't think they care at this point.

How to Use

Start with node index.js. Root (index.html) serves up a blank page until the play button is pressed on /run (run.html). /run is optimized for mobile devices as a remote. Pause and Unpause are pretty self-explanatory. End Show deletes the video element, but it can't be restarted from there. You have to click Refresh Page.

Rickrolled the Apple Store! Rickrolled the Apple Store!

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