Converts text to sound


Turn a stream of text into sound, using the overtone series

Letter A = root note
B = first overtone, double the frequency, one octave above
C = triple
the frequency, an octave plus a fifth above the root
D = x4 frequency, two octaves up
E = x5, two octaves plus a third etc.

Higher notes are normalised down to fit into a reasonable octave range

Other properties of the text like punctuation and word type affect other sound properties, such as volume, tempo, range etc.

To transform text into sound (not necessarily music) with aesthetically pleasing and/or interesting output.

Output should be completely deterministic, i.e. there should be no randomness - the same input text will always produce the same sound

=== Usage ===

java -jar textsound.jar myfile.txt

=== Requirements ===

Java 7