Semantify extends WebAnnotator with machine learning and allows users to create automatic taggers in their browser
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Semantify is a tool for the construction of custom, machine learning taggers
for web pages. Semantify extends WebAnnotator, "a tool for annotating Web pages",
implemented as a Firefox extension ( 
We have lightly modified the WebAnnotator UI is to integrate with
with a machine learning based tagger, implemented in Python. The Firefox extension 
sends the user's annotations to a tagger component that is then trained to
perform the same tagging.

This is a proof-of-concept implementation, not mature software. Using
it requires some technical knowledge (mainly ability to use the shell).

Semantify has been developed by:
Oskar Kohonen, Srikrishna Raamadhurai and Teemu Ruokolainen at Aalto
University, Helsinki, Finland

For a more detailed description, see our paper:
 Creating Custom Taggers by Integrating Web Page Annotation and
 Machine Learning
 Srikrishna Raamadhurai, Oskar Kohonen, Teemu Ruokolainen
 Coling 2014 
 (currently available at:

The software is licensed with the CeCill free software license
agreement, please see license.txt

Distributed with the software are the following external libraries
subject to their own licenses:
- Beautiful Soup (
- TinyColor v0.9.16 (

Known bugs:
- Save&Export is not working

Known issues:
- The feature functions currently implemented are best suited to
  discover fields in a web-page. 
  The current implementation is lacking in good features that enable: 
    1) Generalizing tagging to include synonyms or related words 
    2) Generalization from sentence-level structure, such as
    3) Any kind of morphological analysis

We hope these will be addressed in the future.