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* Fixed width bug on window resize
* Prototype updated to
* Fixed initial opacity set to 0 for overlay element
ver 1.6.1 (04/13/2008)
Changed: _update method refactored.
Changed: Updated to Prototype and 1.8.1
Changed: Removed Effect.ScaleBy. Using Effect.Morph. Code changed respectively.
Changed: _insertContent and _putContent methods refactored. Duplicate code removed.
Changed: _update method refactored. The Modalbox doesn't resize to a lower value during the content loading. Also completely removed _loadAfterResize method.
Changed: resizeToContent method refactored.
Fixed: Fixed double tabbing in forms for Opera and other browsers [#199]
Fixed: Any characters are now accepted to type in form in Safari/WebKit [#201]
Fixed: _insertContent method refactored for plain HTML case. Content flickering in Firefox is redone without setTimeout function (IE compatibility).
Fixed: removed some setTimeout methods which were a fixes for IE.
ver 1.6.0 (12/17/2007)
Added: Added 2 methods for resizing Modalbox height for content (resizeToContent and resizeToInclude)
Added: Preliminary support for ASP.NET controls. Added boolean parameter 'aspnet'.
Added: Added onException callback support for Ajax request
Added: Experimental CSS3 drop shadow and rounded corners added
Added: Added 'autoFocusing' option [#133]
Added: Added a way to customize close link text [#153]
Added: Added 'beforeHide' callback which is being fired right before slide up effect [#154]
Changed: Updated to prototype 1.6.0 and 1.8.0
Changed: Code base refactored to be prototype 1.6.0 compliant
Changed: Browser dependant checks rewritten with Prototype.Browser object
Changed: _prepareIE method now includes toggleSelects functionality
Changed: _toggleSelects and _setOverlay methods removed completely
Changed: _prepareIE method heavily refactored
Changed: DOM insertions refactored with prototype 1.6.0 methods
Changed: Element creation refactored with prototype 1.6.0 methods. builder.js removed.
Changed: Ajax.request callback change: onComplete -> onSuccess
Changed: No title case improved. Fixed extra header space addition, changed CSS
Changed: _insertContent method re-factored to be independed
Changed: loadContent method changed to strip scripts while inserting to DOM (plain HTML case)
Fixed: IE7 won't hide selects and scroll on top of page anymore
Fixed: Patched IE keyboard handling for Tab-key
Fixed: _kbdHandler "space" key case fixed
Fixed: overlayClose parameter for window sequences (wizards) fixed [#139]
Fixed: Selecting a form element with mouse tab order fixed [#134]
Fixed: Fixed header hiding option in MSIE
Fixed: Fixed IDs renaming in MSIE (JS object content type case)
Fixed: Odd MSIE bug fixed with displaying forms on second modalbox calls
Fixed: Added makePositioned to fix MSIE display issues with variable height
Fixed: Added a workaround for content flickering in Firefox
Fixed: _putContent method modified to support callbacks properly. [#100]
Fixed: _removeElements method fixed - IDs reverted properly for original content
ver (09/21/2007)
Added: If title options is set to 'false' the Modalbox header will not shown
Fixed: Toggle SELECTs visibility in IE for cloned node approach [#125]
Fixed: Critical odd bug with Safari 2 in the _setFocus method fixed
ver 1.5.5 (09/06/2007)
Added: Modalbox can override standard alert messages. Use overrideAlert to toggle this feature on/off.
Added: Added an option to toggle animated transitions on/off [#98]
Added: Proper node clone IDs cleanup on hide [#120]. Unit-tests changes accordingly
Changed: Default transition intervals changed
Changed: _update method re-factored
Changed: _findFocusableElements method re-factored to exclude hidden inputs
Changed: Moving focus in direct and reverse order (by Shift+TAB combo)
Fixed: On resize modalbox contents were stretched to 90px if height wasn't defined
Fixed: Overlay initial flicker effect removed [#104]
Fixed: Evaluating javascripts after loading the content fixed [#100]
Fixed: Re-factored SELECTs toggle method for IEs [#111]
Fixed: Focusing by TAB key issue in Safari [#3]
Fixed: Potential issues with DOM node content type then using IDs from parent node [#120]
Fixed: Content isn't being shown in IE6 then transitions are switched off
Fixed: Added expression in resize effect [#114]
ver 1.5.4 (07/16/2007)
Added: Overlay opacity parameter added
Added: ModalBox now accepts HTML (plain & object) as a content parameter [#21]
Added: Defining height now switches ModalBox to 'scrollable' viewport state [#26]
Added: ModalBox resizes automatically to fit content height [#26]
Added: Check for initialized MB on hide attempt
Added: Activate and Deactivate methods added for easily activation/deactivation of MB interactions
Fixed: PageUp/Down/Home/End buttons doesn't work on input elements [#58]
Fixed: Resize method don't resize anymore for a less then a content height. If the content height defined, this value is being used to calculate minimal resize height
Fixed: Resizing works correctly in IE6 [#77]
Fixed: Removed non-standard opacity rules from CSS [#57]
Changed: Options saves between sequences of windows. [was buggy. now fixed]
Changed: Title made not mandatory parameter and moved to options. !!! IMPORTANT: Changed APIs !!! [#83]
Changed: Changelog separated from the source code
Changed: Basic MB visual style changed
Changed: 'isInitialized' property renamed to 'initialized'
ver 1.5.3 (04/21/2007)
Added: Unit and functional tests added
Added: "Close window" text can be customized through the optional parameter 'closeString' [#41]
Added: Custom effects duration in parameters [#21]
Added: Ajax request method can be changed trough options (method) [#54]
Fixed: Executing JS from MB content window fixed
Fixed: MSIE horizontal scrolling after closing MB
Fixed: Resize method now resize correctly [#42]
Fixed: Loading string container doesn't appear on update (appears only loadingString text)
Fixed: Bug with unfired afterLoad callback and not executed helpers methods due to bind(window) for evalScript section in loadContent method
Fixed: Bug with beforeLoad callback return value (content loaded even with return value == false)
ver 1.5.2 (02/26/2007)
Fixed: Scrolling by "space" key disabled then MB is visible
Fixed: Scrolling by navigational keys (Up / Down / PageUp / PageDown / Home / End) keys disabled then MB is visible
Changed: Keyboard handlers implementation re-factored [#9, #11]
Changed: Markup generated by modalbox optimized
Changed: Scrolling on top removed for all modern browsers except IE6 and lower [#1, #9, #11]
ver 1.5.1 (02/15/2007)
Added: Callback 'beforeLoad' fired right before loading MB content. If the callback function returns false, loading will skipped.
Changed: Implementation of callbacks calls changed. Callbacks now removes after execution.
Callbacks now have a return value (true | false). Default is true. Fixes: Issue 2 (
ver 1.5: (02/02/2007)
Added: URL parameters are now passing to AJAX.Request. Use postOptions to pass parameters
Added: Loading message can be customized through options. Use loadingString option
Added: 1.64 and prototype 1.5rc1 support
Added: Callbacks added on first showing, updating, loading content, closing modalbox
Added: Callback can be passed through hide method
Added: resize method resize modalbox without loading any content into it
Changed: Evaluating contained scripts (striping HTML comments)
Changed: Appearing of overlay is now animated
Changed: Attaching events on window and overlay
Changed: Method hide now get the callbacks as a parameter
Changed: Inititalization redone with Builder class
Changed: Minor fixes and refactoring done
Changed: Focus loop engine redone
Changed: self variables replaced to bind(this) functions
Fixed: Scrolling to initial scroll position after closing MB
Fixed: Fixed bug in IE with body's overflow auto
ver 1.4: (06/20/2006)
Added: Core definitions rewriten. Modalbox can now be accessed thorugh Modalbox object with public methods show and hide
Added: License added
Changed: kbdHandler method is now public, so it can be stopped from other functions
Fixed: Stopping of event observing in hide method
Fixed: Hiding selects for IE issue (was applied on element ID)
Removed: Redundant 'globalMB' global variable removed
Removed: Scroll window events observerving
Removed: Redundant effect ScalyTo
Issue: IE display bug then hidding scrollbars. Document body should have zero margins
ver 1.3: (06/18/2006)
Added: ModalBox will now get focus after opening
Added: Keystrokes handler added (Tab key is looped on ModalBox and closing ModalBox by pressing Esc)
Added: Window scrolling disabled (known issue: content jupms on top then opening ModalBox)
Fixed: All dependent event handlers now unloads then closing ModalBox
Fixed: SELECT element hiding function executes now only in MSIE
Fixed: 'Close' button has now href attribute to receive focus
Fixed: Click on 'Close' button doesn't adds an href value to URL string
ver 1.2:
Added: Global variable 'globalMB' added to the file. Use this variable to acces one instance of ModalBox and call methods on it
ver 1.1:
Added: Added SELECT elements hiding for IE (should be rewriten later)
ver 1.0:
Added: Core class description