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greenkeeper bot commented Nov 28, 2016

Let鈥檚 get started with automated dependency management for react-dropzone 馃挭

This pull request updates all your dependencies to their latest version. Having them all up to date really is the best starting point. I will look out for further dependency updates and make sure to handle them in isolation and in real-time, as soon as you merge this pull request.

If this pull request passes and everything is still working

This is really good news. Merge this pull request and I will keep you posted about dependency updates you shouldn鈥檛 miss.

If this pull request fails and things aren鈥檛 working

Note: I won鈥檛 start sending you further updates, unless you have merged this very pull request.

So, how do we proceed? I suggest you find out what dependency update is causing the problem. Adapt your code so things are working nicely together again. next-update is a really handy tool to help you with this.

Push the changes to this branch and merge it.

In case you can not, or do not want to update a certain dependency right now, you can of course just change the package.json file back to your liking.

Don鈥檛 forget to push your changes to this branch, and merge this pull request, so I can start sending you further updates.

How to update this pull request
# change into your repository鈥檚 directory
git fetch
git checkout greenkeeper/update-all
npm install-test
# adapt your code, so it鈥檚 working again
git commit -m 'chore: adapt code to updated dependencies'
git push origin greenkeeper/update-all
How to ignore certain dependencies

Add a greenkeeper.ignore field to your package.json, containing a list of dependencies you don鈥檛 want to update right now.

// package.json
  "greenkeeper": {
    "ignore": [
How the updates will look like

As soon as you merge this pull request I鈥檒l create a branch for every dependency update, with the new version applied. The branch creation should trigger your testing services to check the new version. Using the results of these tests I鈥檒l try to open meaningful and helpful pull requests and issues, so your dependencies remain working and up-to-date.

-  "underscore": "^1.6.0"
+  "underscore": "^1.7.0"

In the above example you can see an in-range update. 1.7.0 is included in the old ^1.6.0 range, because of the caret ^ character .
When the test services report success I鈥檒l delete the branch again, because no action needs to be taken 鈥 everything is fine.
When there is a failure however, I鈥檒l create an issue so you know about the problem immediately.

This way every single version update of your dependencies will either continue to work with your project, or you鈥檒l get to know of potential problems immediately.

-  "lodash": "^3.0.0"
+  "lodash": "^4.0.0"

In this example the new version 4.0.0 is not included in the old ^3.0.0 range.
For version updates like these 鈥 let鈥檚 call them 鈥渙ut of range鈥 updates 鈥 you鈥檒l receive a pull request.

Now you no longer need to check for exciting new versions by hand 鈥 I鈥檒l just let you know automatically.
And the pull request will not only serve as a reminder to update. In case it passes your decent test suite that鈥檚 a strong reason to merge right away :shipit:

Not sure how things are going to work exactly?

There is a collection of frequently asked questions and of course you may always ask my humans.

Good luck with your project and see you soon

Your Greenkeeper Bot 馃尨

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@greenkeeper @okonet greenkeeper chore(package): update dependencies 53c68d3
@okonet chore: Use peer dependency version e834d45
@okonet style: Configure eslint-plugin-import and react plugin properly a1ebd18
@okonet style: Use path.resolve instead of concatenation in webpack.config 7da2889
@okonet style: Fixed ESLint error in test.js f53aec9
@okonet style: Added eslint ignore
@okonet chore: Fixed .eslintrc spec paths
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