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ok client

The ok client script (written in Python) supports programming projects by running tests, tracking progress, and assisting in debugging.

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The ok client software was developed for CS 61A at UC Berkeley.

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Developer Instructions


  1. Clone this repo

  2. Install virtualenv

  3. Create a virtual environment:

     virtualenv -p python3 env
  4. Activate the virtual environment:

     source env/bin/activate
  5. Install requirements and set up development environment:

     pip install -r requirements.txt
     python3 develop


Every time you begin, you should activate the virtual environment:

source env/bin/activate

All code for the client is found in the client/ directory.

There is an executable called ok in the virtualenv path that will run your code locally. You can use the example assignments in the demo/ directory to play around:

cd demo/ok_test
ok -q q2

The tests/ directory mirrors the directory structure of the client/ directory. Every component of the client should have plenty of tests. To run all tests, use the following command:


Releasing an ok-client version

First make sure that

  • Your virtualenv is activated and you are on the master branch.
  • Your ~/.pypirc contains okpy's PyPI credentials.
  • A file .github-token contains a GitHub access token with the "repo" scope.

To deploy a new version of ok-client, change to the master branch and run

./ vX.X.X

where vX.X.X is the new version. This will: