Crawler that grabs Twitter follower counts across time via internet archives given account user name
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Twitter Follower Count History via Internet Archives

This is a Python script that collects follower counts from the Internet Archives, given a Twitter username. This script grabs the follower counts by identifying various CSS Selectors that match the follower count element on the historical Twitter pages for almost every major overhaul their page layout has gone through.

Installation and Usage

Make sure you have Python and R installed on your computer.

$ git clone
$ cd FollowerCountHistory
$ python <twitter-handle-without-@>

This will create a new folder with the name: <twitter-handle-without-@> and create two files in this folder.

  • A .csv file that contains the data collected with associated timestamps
  • A .png file that contains a line chart of the data collected with X axis representing time The R script is called from within the Python script so no additional action is required.