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There are supposed to be 5 bytes returned: 0x00 = Humidity 0x01 = Humidity decimal places 0x02 = Temperature 0x03 = Temperature decimal places 0x04 = Checksum (sum 0x00,0x01,0x02,0x03)

Arduino example returns data like this: 45,6,24,0,75 - which means 45.6 %RH, 24.0 deg C, (valid checksum 45+6+24+0=75) 45,6,23,9,83 - which means 45.6 %RH, 23.9 deg C, (valid checksum 45+6+23+9=83) 45,7,23,9,84 - which means 45.7 %RH, 23.9 deg C, (valid checksum 45+7+23+9=84)

Checkout my YouTube channel for video on this and many more.