@mauriciocastillosilva-okta mauriciocastillosilva-okta released this Oct 11, 2017 · 179 commits to master since this release

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  • 77a95a9 Complexity explanation text should include no first/last name (#301)
  • 64472ca Registration as a Service UI (#297)
  • 6a0d638 Supports AD-mastered user password expiry warning (#293)
  • 966e2b7 Adds option to hide email from recovery flow (#287)
  • 085e1a1 Adds option to config a custom sign out link (#267)

Bug fixes:

  • 69bcd94 Fix string source bundle problem for framework components (#313)
  • e0c7505 Fix Widget height issue (#309)
  • 3d0c213 Fix signin-widget label customization for locale codes like 'xx-XX' (#306)
  • 5a15d3a Fix banner CSS in Sign In Widget (#305)
  • 7d83282 Set the correct default factor type for recovery flows (#303)
  • 6b271fb Move SCSS related to security beacon (#294)
  • 96844b7 Ignore cookie username if remember me feature is off (#292)
  • f5d5ade Show error with empty answer for factors that require it (#286)
  • b5aff3e Fix padding on smaller screens when security image is hidden (#291)
  • f227516 Hide send email link when email recovery is disabled (#289)
  • bb36ad2 Fix issue with Windows Phone browser (#277)
  • 0dfda66 Issue in embedded browsers with using iframes (#273)
  • 077cd1a Fix problem with back button during factor verify (#265)

Notable changes:

  • af51f2c Add babel and async/await support to Sign In Widget (#282)
  • a13046c Add documentation to explain how to correctly Browserify the okta-signin-widget module (#279)
  • f4bce35 Updates Duo SDK Version to 2.6 (#275)