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Bootiful React Demo Steps

The brackets at the end of each step indicate the alias’s or IntelliJ Live Templates to use. You can find the template definitions at mraible/idea-live-templates.

Spring Boot API

  1. h2, lombok, jpa, rest, web, and okta [bootiful-start]

    http dependencies==h2,lombok,data-jpa,data-rest,web,okta \
        packageName==com.okta.developer.demo -d
  2. Comment out Okta starter in pom.xml

  3. Add Beer, BeerRepository, BeerCommandLineRunner and add default beers [boot-entity-lombok, boot-repo, boot-command, boot-add]

  4. Start and see list of beers in console

  5. Create BeerController with a /good-beers endpoint [boot-controller, boot-good]

  6. Restart and confirm http://localhost:8080/good-beers works in browser and with http

    http POST :8080/beers name='Guinness'
    http PUT :8080/beers/10 name='Guinness is good for you'
    http DELETE :8080/beers/10

React App

  1. Run npx create-react-app client --typescript; show app with npm start

  2. Modify App.tsx and add a componentDidMount() method to fetch good beers [react-fetch]

  3. Create interfaces: Beer, AppProps, and AppState; add constructor and initialize state [react-constructor]

  4. Change render() to show beers [react-loading and react-beer-list]

  5. Configure CORS for Spring Boot and show list of beers

  6. Create BeerList.tsx and copy code from App.tsx; change App.tsx to use <BeerList/>

  7. Create GiphyImage.tsx; add to BeerList; show beers with images [react-giphy]

PWA Support

  1. Run npm run build; serve with serve -s build -p 3000

  2. Run Lighthouse; fix 512px icon

  3. Mention Cloud Foundry and Heroku + scripts

Authentication with Okta

  1. Uncomment Okta Spring Boot starter in pom.xml

  2. Create OIDC app in Okta; add properties to [okta-oauth2]

  3. Create Security configuration for resource server [oauth2-resource-server]

    static class OktaOAuth2WebSecurityConfigurerAdapter extends WebSecurityConfigurerAdapter {
        protected void configure(HttpSecurity http) throws Exception {
  4. Add Okta’s React SDK and configure

    npm install -g @angular-devkit/schematics-cli
    npm i -D @oktadev/schematics
    schematics @oktadev/schematics:add-auth
  5. Show App.tsx and how it uses <Security/> component; show auth awareness in Home.tsx, add BeerList

  6. Update BeerList to add auth to BeerListProps

  7. Add CSS to App.css to make buttons more visible [react-css]

  8. Show app and Loading…​

  9. Fix CORS error after adding Spring Security [cors-filter]

  10. Update BeerList to add an authorization header + error handling [react-token]

  11. Fini!

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