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How does Okteto work?

This is how a standard dev environment looks like:


And this how it looks after converting it into a cloud native environment:


The cnd container duplicates the manifest of the api pod, so it is fully integrated with every Kubernetes feature. For example, the cnd container has access to the same envvars, secrets, volumes, ...

Local changes are synched to the cnd container via syncthing. As you save locally, it will be automatically synched in your cnd container in seconds. To this end, okteto up creates a syncthing statefulset. The syncthing and the cnd containers share a common volume where local changes are synched, making them available to the cnd container.

This syncthing container is exposed locally using port-forwarding and it is connected by a local syncthing process responsible of sending local changes to the remote container. This way, the original api container is not polluted with syncthing dependencies.

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