New YUI build tool based on Gearjs, so let's shift some gears
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Shifter - Blazingly Fast YUI Builder

The purpose of this project is to replace YUI's use of our old ant Builder.

We have out grown our old builder, so it was time to build a new one!


Documentation can be found here

Build Status

Build Status


npm -g install shifter


$ shifter -h

blazingly fast builds with shifter@0.0.4

pass no arguments and shifter will build the module from the current directory

   -v/--version            show version
   -h/--help               show this stuff
   -m/--modules <module>   limit the modules to build (array: -m foo -m bar)
   --lint [preferred|defaults|strict] (preferred is the default) lint mode:
   --strict                add "use strict" to module wrapper
   --walk                  Walk the current directory and shift all builds. (cd yui3/src && shifter --walk)
                               -m/--modules also supported here for filtering
   --watch                 Watch the current module and rebuild on file change (if meta file, a loader build will launch)
                               --quiet to mute stdout from sub build


Shifter will parse your current *.properties files and convert them into a build.json file that it can process. It only imports the relevant settings required to build the module.

It does not import module meta-data

Instead, Shifter parses the meta-data from the modules meta/*.json files and uses that instead. So you don't have to declare your meta-data in more than one place now.


Shifter can watch your module for changes and build for you. It will only watch files in the ./js, ./css, ./assets and ./meta directories. If a file is changed, it will rebuild the current module. If a meta file is changes, Loader will also be built (requires latest code).


Shifter is designed to work side by side with our current builder (for now) so you don't have to switch over to using it fully if it doesn't work properly for you. Just don't delete your *.properties files until you are sure that Shifter builds your module properly. If it doesn't, file a ticket and we'll get it fixed up ASAP.

Shifter will read a build.json file if it exists, if one doesn't and it finds a *.properties file it will generate the build.json from them. So if you have issues with the build, just delete the build.json file and have Shifter regenerate it after your issue is fixed.


Shifter is built using GearJS