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OroPlatform datadog integration

OroPlatform Datadog integration, that bases on Symfony datadog bundle to monitor and track for application errors and send notifications about them.

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Use datadog bundle for:

  • Monitor production applications in realtime.
  • Application performance insights to see when performance is geting degradated.
  • Able to raise alarm when MQ is not running or cron is not enabled.
  • Access to the okvpn_datadog.client through the container.
  • Send notification about errors in Slack, email, telegram, etc.
  • Create JIRA issue when some alarm/exception triggers using this plugin

Compatible ORO Platform versions

Supported 2.6.* - 3.1.* ORO Platform versions on mysql or postgresql DB.


Install using composer following the official Composer documentation:

  1. Install via composer:
composer require okvpn/datadog-orocrm
  1. Delete your cache rm -rf app/cache/{dev,prod,test}/

  2. Run oro platform update oro:platform:update --force --skip-search-reindexation

  3. Update config.yml to enable

    profiling: true
    namespace: orocrm # You app namespace for custome metric app.*, see https://docs.datadoghq.com/developers/metrics/#naming-metrics

See more configuration example here

Custom metrics that provided by OkvpnDatadogBundle

Where orocrm metrics namespace.

Name Type Description
orocrm.exception counter Track how many exception occurred in application per second
orocrm.doctrine.median gauge Median execute time of sql query (ms.)
orocrm.doctrine.avg gauge Avg execute time of sql query (ms.)
orocrm.doctrine.count rate Count of sql queries per second
orocrm.doctrine.95percentile gauge 95th percentile of execute time of sql query (ms.)
orocrm.exception event Event then exception is happens
orocrm.http_request timing Measure timing how long it takes to fully render a page
orocrm.mq.mem gauge Gives memory usage by all consumers
orocrm.mq.messages timing Gives timing message queue processing statistics
orocrm.mq.consumers set Gives count of running/active consumers
orocrm.service:cron service_check Track the status of cron


More usage example you can found here


MIT License. See LICENSE.