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light javascript framework to build web applications

  • No build step necessary by default.
  • Virtual DOM implementation for fast and efficient keyed layout updates.
  • Built-in client-side router for instant page changes.
  • Included state management solution which supports actions, middleware and watchers.
  • Deeply customizable with support for asynchronous configuration.


Install with npm and use with a code bundler.

npm install okwolo
const okwolo = require('okwolo/standard');

Alternatively, the okwolo function can be loaded using a script tag. Transpiled (es5) versions of all kits are available from the website starting from v3.0.0.

<!-- latest -->
<script src=""></script>
<!-- specific version -->
<script src=""></script>

Create your first app.

const app = okwolo(document.body);


app(() => () => (
    ['div.wrapper', {}, [
        ['h1', {}, [
            'Hello World!',

Visit the website for more information.


Documentation is maintained on the project's website.


Upcoming features are tracked with the feature label in the issues


Versions follow the semver convention. Because okwolo gives its users so much access into the internal workings, the surface area of changes that are considered "breaking" is large. This means major releases might happen more often that usual.

All changes are logged in the changelog.