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SFSlite C++ development libraries
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Attic ok done for the night
arpc dont use register
arpcgen Now, get to compile with -O2.
async fixes for clang 3.6
bin Make addr2line's location configurable
contrib Some final tweaks and also some documentation
crypt sfs_assert: do not re-export the whole config
dist Even friendlier conftab::add thanks to non-deducible template parameters
doc libasync documentation, lest it disappear
libaapp Got the logger tested and working.
libsafeptr Use C++11 variadic templates instead of vatmpl.h
libsfs Alleviate linker issues on Darwin/OS-X
libtame typedefs for event member types
patch this time, did i switch respoistories as planned?
py need to read LDFLAGS from the makefile, too
sfsmisc sfs_assert: do not re-export the whole config
svc i gave up on getting the whole sfslite bundle to compile but the non-…
tame Support overloads in tame
tests Extended tame to handle lambdas and array accesses.
tools Force the conversions from str to char* to be explicit.
tutorial Add comments to the pipelining example
.cvsignore didn't mean to trample this
.gitignore sfs_assert: do not re-export the whole config
AUTHORS Initial revision
COPYING Initial revision
ChangeLog added full sfsmisc support for strib
INSTALL.darwin Initial revision Fixed the check target in automake.
NEWS Initial revision
README update this with better directions
STANDARDS Initial revision
SYNCING changes to sync strategy
TODO fix a race condition in event::is_alive, in which we might get
acinclude.m4 Split out common acinclude features so that we can install them globa…
acsfs.m4 sfs_assert: do not re-export the whole config
autoconf.sed svn merge -r4069:4099 svn+ssh://…
cfg checkin emil change
kcc Initial revision
nfsconf.h alfred changes for NFS
setup.gnu readme and news are autotouched



- Based on David Mazieres's SFS (see

- Build requires GMP version 4 or higher

If from SVN, then you need the GNU autotool suite, with 
	$ sh -x setup.gnu -f -i -s
	$ ./configure
	$ gmake
	$ gmake install

If from a release tarball, then just:

	$ ./configure
	$ gmake
	$ gmake install

This will install with the default build options: -O2 with static linkage,
and no dmalloc support.  Different build options accessed like:

	$ ./configure --with-mode=shdbg

etc, where the modes are:

	shdbg:	shared build, with dmalloc support, no compiler optimization
	shared: shared build, no compiler optimization
	shopt:	shared build, -O2
	debug:  static build, with dmalloc support, no compiler optimization
	deflt:	static build, -O2, no dmalloc

This library was also available as a port for FreeBSD, but 
I fell behind and had trouble navigating the Ports bureaucracy.
If you depend on the FreeBSD port and would like to help me out, 
please drop me a line.

Max Krohn
(first name AT okws DOT org)
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