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This repository
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What's here: runtime support for tame programs that have been preprocesses
 with the tame preprocessor.

Tame Core:

 - tame_closure.h, closure.C: code for managing the closures that tame
 - tame_event.h, event.C: internals for what's in an event, how they
   are cancelled and how they are triggered.
 - leak.C: runtime leak-checking and error-reporting
 - mkevent.C, templated routines for creating new events,
   either with implicit or explicit rendezous. generates
   tame_event_ag.h, which has the templated event creation routines
   for multiple trigger and/or wait values.
 - tame.h: wrapper header that includes lots of other headers
 - tame_slotset.h: A slotset is a simple data structure that stores
   slots, into which trigger values are assigned after a trigger
 - tame_weakref.h: there are weakrefs between events and rendezvous,
   implemented here.
 - tame_rendezvous.h: runtime support for explicit rendezvous, and
   actions based on rejoining them.
 - tame_recycle.h, recycle.C: objects in tame can be recycled for
   performance, especially the shared "flag" field in weakreferences;
   this file implements recycling.
 - tame_run.h, run.C, init.C: runtime initialization and error 
   checking routines for tame.
 - tame_thread.h, thread.C: runtime support for threading (via the PTH
 - tame_tfork.h,, tfork.C: support for the tfork-style
   of launching new threads from within Tame.
 - tame_event_green.h, event_green.C: experimental support for 
   recyclable (i.e., "green") events, that doesn't make performance
   much faster on Linux and therefore might be phased out eventually.

Tame Library: the rest of the files in this directory are all part of 
the Tame Library -- nonessentials that are useful in writing
applications.  All libraries are in the tame:: namespace (except
for connectors) and most are written with tame translations.

 - tame_aio.h, aio.T: wrappers around sfs's AIOD-style I/O
 - tame_io.h, io.T: wrappers around standard C library I/O in a way
   that's tame-friendly.
 - tame_lock.h, lock.T: simple tame locks
 - tame_nlock.Th: named locking for tame (store multiple locks in
   a hash table, hashed by a templated key type).
 - tame_autocb.h: convenience; fire an event as it goes out of scope.
 - tame_connectors.Th: connectors for easy handling of timeouts
   and other cancellation events.
 - tame_trigger.h, trigger.C: utilities for triggering triggers, just
   from the event loop as opposed to the current call frame.
 - tame_pipeline.h, pipeline.C: a library that implementat generic
   pipelined (i.e., windowed) commands.
 - tame_pc.h: Producer/consumer Q, with only 1 slot.
 - tame_typedefs.h: some common typedefs for Tame programs.
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