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TIO Java Wrapper

This provides a simple Java wrapper around the TryItOnline API.

To use, you must first initialize an instance of with new TIO().

Then, you can use either of the following methods:

TIO.Result run(String language, String text) throws IOException
TIO.Result run(String language, String text, String input) throws IOException

If the given language does not exist, a LanguageNotFoundException will be thrown. A TIO.Result has the getters:

String getOutput() // standard output
String getDebug() // standard error
// these times are from the linix time command
long getRealMillis()
long getUserMillis()
long getSysMillis()
double getCpuShare() // 150% CPU share is 1.5.
int getExitCode()
TIO.Result.State getState()

A TIO.Result.State can be any of the following: SUCCESS, OUTPUT_TRUNCATED, TIMEOUT

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