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4.0.0 (2018-11-06)

Bug Fixes

Code Refactoring

  • comment: remove local js and css files (f4bcf93)
  • param: camelcase for parameter names (fcb48d9)


  • init admonition & refactor iconfont (2517f74)
  • highlight: add support for chroma (7710103)
  • mathjax: configure to let mathjax use local files (a3cab1a), closes #63
  • scripts: configure to use local files for flowchart and sequence diagram (cec9ea9), closes #76 #77
  • style: dashed hr (90a17f8)
  • table: responsive table (9d8940b), closes #107
  • title: add anchor (8d39099)


  • hugo: Hugo minimum version required "0.50".

  • comment: Remove local comment js/css files.

  • highlight: You need add params to enable chroma or highlight.js since they are disabled by default.

  • param: Rename parameter names.

    origin now
    fancyboxJs fancyboxJS
    fancyboxCss fancyboxCSS
    baidu_push baiduPush
    baidu_analytics baiduAnalytics
    baidu_verification baiduVerification
    google_verification googleVerification
  • version: Version flag "4.x".

      version = "4.x"           # 3.x -> 4.x

3.2.0 (2018-07-06)

Bug Fixes


  • mathjax: add auto number for mathjax (#53) (af22a48)
  • comment: add gitalk (#51) (5f8b79f)
  • config: add option to hide header and footer for a post (#58) (094cfa5)
  • config: configure to show archive count (2c7773b), closes #46
  • i18n: add Spanish(es) translation (#48) (d7c6059)
  • post: add out-of-date content warning (#68) (9033266)

3.1.1 (2018-03-12)

Bug Fixes

3.1.0 (2018-03-12)

Bug Fixes

  • mathjax overflow for displayed mathematics (#32) (2b4a373)




  • feat: add center, right, left shortcodes
  • feat: support 'right' and 'left' class value for the built-in figure

Breaking changes

  • See Language Support.
  • See Favicon.
  • Remove deprecated bootcdn param, you can use [params.publicCDN].
  • The archive-paginate param rename to archivePaginate.
  • Add a postMetaInFooter parameter to control the contentCopyright container, and now you can show the author and lastMod information without displaying the license.
  • There must be a version param, otherwise the build process will give an error.
  • Minimum version required: 0.26 -> 0.35
# add
version = "3.x"  # Used to give a friendly message when you have an incompatible update

# add
postMetaInFooter = true

# rename archive-paginate
archivePaginate = 50
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