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ofSketch Prereleases

The barebones code editor (IDE) for openFrameworks.


ofSketch is being developed by Brannon Dorsey and Christopher Baker at the openLab through the Google Summer of Code 2014 program.

Warning: ofSketch is currently in development. This is the first pre-release and it is not completely stable.

Installing Dependencies


ofSketch requires Xcode, and the Xcode Command Line Tools to be installed on your computer. If you already have those, then you can skip to the download section.

  1. Download and install Xcode from the App Store.
  2. Download the Xcode Command Line Tools. If you are on OSX Mavericks, these should already be installed, and you can update them using Software Update. If you are on OSX 10.8, open Xcode and select Xcode > Preferences > Downloads from the menu bar. From there, install the Xcode Command Line Tools.


ofSketch requires the same linux dependencies as a normal installation of openFrameworks. If you have already followed the Linux installation instructions for a recent version of openFrameworks (since 0.8.0), you can skip to the download section.

To install the latest version of openFrameworks on Linux, follow the instructions here.

Getting Started


Download the ofSketch app for your platform (all oF-compatible platforms will eventually be supported).

ofSketch comes packaged with the following contents:

  • data

Note: ofSketch prereleases use an openFrameworks v0.8.3 distribution bundled inside of the App's data folder itself. All code written in ofSketch must be oF v0.8.3 compatible.

Running Examples

Double-click ofSketch to open the editor.

Note: If OSX does not allow you to open the program due to security restrictions, right click on the bundle and click "open". See this link for more information about Apple's security system.

From there you can create, load, save, and run ofSketch projects. The projects folder comes with a few example projects to get a feel for the editor. Click the open folder icon to select a project. Press the play button to run a project.


As you may have noticed, ofSketch projects look a bit different than the openFrameworks/C++ code that you might be used to writing in Xcode or Code::Blocks. That is for a reason! Writing ofSketch code is akin to writing header-style C++ (don't worry if that doesn't make since), and should look similar to Processing code.


Writing you're own classes is easy with ofSketch! Simply add a new tab by clicking the "+" icon. Anywhere else in your code that you wan't to use a custom class, you must include it at the top of that file like so:

#include "MyClass.h"

Using Addons

ofSketch uses its own openFrameworks distribution in the bin/data/ folder, meaning only core addons work out of the box. To add an addon that ofSketch projects can use, you must place the add-on inside of ofSketch's openFrameworks/addons folder.


ofSketch prereleases are chock-full of disabled features and undoubtedly some pretty nasty bugs. Sticking to the philosophy "Release early, release often", we have decided to unveil this early prototype to the masses. There are tons of documented (and undocumented) problems. Check out the issues page for more info.

Play Nice

Don't edit project files in the sketch/ or src/ files of each project. Only modify projects through ofSketch (unless you are adding files to bin/data/ folder).

Feature Requests

Check out the Todo list to see what's coming. Want to propose something? We've got a Proposed Features issue for just that!


Is something just downright wrong? Don't hesitate to submit an issue.



A tool for quickly writing, compiling and running simple openFrameworks applications.




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