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ioke is a new language for the JVM, based on Io and other languages.
Java C# Emacs Lisp Shell PHP Python

Make Ioke work on both Java 6 and Java 7 by implementing my custom so…

…rt to handle partial ordering of Java methods
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@olabini authored
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bench Add a Richards implementation for Ioke. This shows Ioke is ten times …
bin Add the possibility of repackaging everything with version informatio…
examples Add frink challenge file
lib Refactor coverage into an unparser, put everything in its own package…
maven Update builds to make it possible to regenerate POM files
share Fix first-line issue with Emacs indentation. Also make sure square an…
test Refactor interpreter for IKC to match the behavior and structure of IKJ.
.gitignore Add the possibility of repackaging everything with version informatio…
.hgignore Add hgignore from
CONTRIBUTORS Add Rafael as contributor
COPYING Add Google MapMaker to handle references to Java objects correctly
LICENSE.icu4j Merge ioke-clr
LICENSE.kawa Add Numbers, and gnu math. Add empty message send, add mixin structur…
README Small changes
build.xml Make it possible to get HTML output from JUnit tests too
generate_filter_data.rb Print a friendly message if something goes wrong with git fixing
ikover_config.ik Add a default configuration file for IKover that ignores spec files a… Make it possible to add enother env variable so no version addition w… Update how versions are handled when building


Ioke is a strongly typed, dynamic, prototype based programming
language. This documentation covers all the core objects of Ioke,
including methods, macros and specs for these.

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