JvYAMLb is a YAML processing library for Java, used by JRuby
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= JvYAMLb - A pure Java YAML 1.1 loader and dumper

Project Contact: Ola Bini <ola.bini@gmail.com>

For a long time Java have lacked a good YAML loader and dumper with
all the features that the SYCK using scripting communities have gotten
used to. JvYAMLb aims to rectify this.  It's a port from RbYAML by Ola
Bini, which was a port of PyYAML3000, written by Kirill Simonov

JvYAMLb is aimed at improving YAML performance in the JRuby project
(http://jruby.sourceforge.net), but is also suitable for configuration
and data storage in regular Java applications.

JvYAMLb supports both 1.0 and 1.1 loading and dumping.

== Downloads

In the years since JvYAMLb was last updated, it seems all existing places for downloads have disappeared. So for now, you can download the latest release here:


== Usage

To load a YAML document without any special customization, you can
simply import org.jvyaml.YAML and do something like this:

Map configuration = (Map)YAML.load(new FileReader("c:/projects/ourSpecificConfig.yml"));

or this:

List values = (List)YAML.load("--- \n- A\n- b\n- c\n");

Or if you have a YAML document that looks like this:
--- !java/object:org.jruby.UserConfig
userdir: d:/config/jruby
  - pref1.properties
  - values.properties
  - foo.xml

Load it like this:

org.jruby.UserConfig conf = (org.jruby.UserConfig)YAML.load(new FileReader("path.to.the.yaml.file"));
conf.getUserdir();                      ==> "d:/config/jruby"
conf.getPrefs().iterator().next();      ==> "pref1.properties"

Dumping is as easy as this:

YAML.dump("str");  // -> "--- str\n"

This works for complex objects too. If you want to dump to a stream
instead of a String just add the stream to the dump command:

YAML.dump("str",new FileWriter("test1.yml"));

If you need to add parameters to either loading or dumping, just add a YAMLConfig object. For example, to dump with version 1.0 syntax (but not necessarily write a header), you can do it like this:


JvYAMLb is very customizable. If you want to use a different Resolver
or Constructor for your YAML document, it's very easy to change the
behaviour by implementing the YAMLFactory interface. This is in fact
the way JRuby returns RubyObjects instead of regular Java objects. A
specialized JRubyConstructor is created, and when loading a
JRubyYAMLFactory is created that uses this Constructor instead.

== License

JvYAMLb is distributed with a MIT license, which can be found in the file LICENSE.