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The fastest + concise javascript template engine for nodejs and browsers. Partials, custom delimiters and more.

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Created in search of the fastest and concise JavaScript templating function with emphasis on performance under V8 and nodejs. It shows great performance for both nodejs and browsers.

doT.js is fast, small and has no dependencies.

    custom delimiters
    runtime evaluation
    runtime interpolation
    compile-time evaluation
    partials support
    conditionals support
    array iterators
    control whitespace - strip or preserve
    streaming friendly
    use it as logic-less or with logic, it is up to you

Docs, live playground and samples:

Note about doU.js:
    doU.js is here only so that legacy external tests do not break. Use doT.js.
    doT.js with doT.templateSettings.append=false provides the same performance as doU.js.

    doT is an open source component of
    doT is licensed under the MIT License. (See LICENSE-DOT)
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