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package is.launaskil.models
// AUTO-GENERATED Slick data model. DO NOT CHANGE.
trait Tables extends DriverExtensions {
lazy val profile = is.launaskil.slick.Driver
import profile.api._
import slick.model.ForeignKeyAction
// NOTE: GetResult mappers for plain SQL are only generated for tables where Slick knows how to map the types of all columns.
import slick.jdbc.{GetResult => GR}
/** DDL for all tables. Call .create to execute. */
lazy val schema: profile.SchemaDescription = AppUserTable.schema ++ SchemaVersionTable.schema
@deprecated("Use .schema instead of .ddl", "3.0")
def ddl = schema
/** GetResult implicit for fetching AppUserRow objects using plain SQL queries */
implicit def GetResultAppUserRow(implicit e0: GR[Int], e1: GR[Option[is.launaskil.models.Timestamp]], e2: GR[Option[String]], e3: GR[List[String]]): GR[AppUserRow] = GR{
prs => import prs._
AppUserRow.tupled((<<[Int], <<?[is.launaskil.models.Timestamp], <<?[String], <<[List[String]]))
/** Table description of table app_user. Objects of this class serve as prototypes for rows in queries. */
class AppUserTable(_tableTag: Tag) extends Table[AppUserRow](_tableTag, "app_user") {
def * = (id, createdAt, username, profiles) <> (AppUserRow.tupled, AppUserRow.unapply)
/** Maps whole row to an option. Useful for outer joins. */
def ? = (Rep.Some(id), createdAt, username, Rep.Some(profiles)).shaped.<>({r=>import r._;> AppUserRow.tupled((_1.get, _2, _3, _4.get)))}, (_:Any) => throw new Exception("Inserting into ? projection not supported."))
/** Database column id SqlType(serial), AutoInc, PrimaryKey */
val id: Rep[Int] = column[Int]("id", O.AutoInc, O.PrimaryKey)
/** Database column created_at SqlType(timestamp), Default(None) */
val createdAt: Rep[Option[is.launaskil.models.Timestamp]] = column[Option[is.launaskil.models.Timestamp]]("created_at", O.Default(None))
/** Database column username SqlType(varchar), Length(256,true), Default(None) */
val username: Rep[Option[String]] = column[Option[String]]("username", O.Length(256,varying=true), O.Default(None))
/** Database column profiles SqlType(_text), Length(2147483647,false) */
val profiles: Rep[List[String]] = column[List[String]]("profiles", O.Length(2147483647,varying=false))
/** Collection-like TableQuery object for table AppUserTable */
lazy val AppUserTable = new TableQuery(tag => new AppUserTable(tag))
/** GetResult implicit for fetching SchemaVersionRow objects using plain SQL queries */
implicit def GetResultSchemaVersionRow(implicit e0: GR[Int], e1: GR[String], e2: GR[Option[Int]], e3: GR[is.launaskil.models.Timestamp], e4: GR[Boolean]): GR[SchemaVersionRow] = GR{
prs => import prs._
SchemaVersionRow.tupled((<<[Int], <<[Int], <<[String], <<[String], <<[String], <<[String], <<?[Int], <<[String], <<[is.launaskil.models.Timestamp], <<[Int], <<[Boolean]))
/** Table description of table schema_version. Objects of this class serve as prototypes for rows in queries.
* NOTE: The following names collided with Scala keywords and were escaped: type */
class SchemaVersionTable(_tableTag: Tag) extends Table[SchemaVersionRow](_tableTag, "schema_version") {
def * = (versionRank, installedRank, version, description, `type`, script, checksum, installedBy, installedOn, executionTime, success) <> (SchemaVersionRow.tupled, SchemaVersionRow.unapply)
/** Maps whole row to an option. Useful for outer joins. */
def ? = (Rep.Some(versionRank), Rep.Some(installedRank), Rep.Some(version), Rep.Some(description), Rep.Some(`type`), Rep.Some(script), checksum, Rep.Some(installedBy), Rep.Some(installedOn), Rep.Some(executionTime), Rep.Some(success)).shaped.<>({r=>import r._;> SchemaVersionRow.tupled((_1.get, _2.get, _3.get, _4.get, _5.get, _6.get, _7, _8.get, _9.get, _10.get, _11.get)))}, (_:Any) => throw new Exception("Inserting into ? projection not supported."))
/** Database column version_rank SqlType(int4) */
val versionRank: Rep[Int] = column[Int]("version_rank")
/** Database column installed_rank SqlType(int4) */
val installedRank: Rep[Int] = column[Int]("installed_rank")
/** Database column version SqlType(varchar), PrimaryKey, Length(50,true) */
val version: Rep[String] = column[String]("version", O.PrimaryKey, O.Length(50,varying=true))
/** Database column description SqlType(varchar), Length(200,true) */
val description: Rep[String] = column[String]("description", O.Length(200,varying=true))
/** Database column type SqlType(varchar), Length(20,true)
* NOTE: The name was escaped because it collided with a Scala keyword. */
val `type`: Rep[String] = column[String]("type", O.Length(20,varying=true))
/** Database column script SqlType(varchar), Length(1000,true) */
val script: Rep[String] = column[String]("script", O.Length(1000,varying=true))
/** Database column checksum SqlType(int4), Default(None) */
val checksum: Rep[Option[Int]] = column[Option[Int]]("checksum", O.Default(None))
/** Database column installed_by SqlType(varchar), Length(100,true) */
val installedBy: Rep[String] = column[String]("installed_by", O.Length(100,varying=true))
/** Database column installed_on SqlType(timestamp) */
val installedOn: Rep[is.launaskil.models.Timestamp] = column[is.launaskil.models.Timestamp]("installed_on")
/** Database column execution_time SqlType(int4) */
val executionTime: Rep[Int] = column[Int]("execution_time")
/** Database column success SqlType(bool) */
val success: Rep[Boolean] = column[Boolean]("success")
/** Index over (installedRank) (database name schema_version_ir_idx) */
val index1 = index("schema_version_ir_idx", installedRank)
/** Index over (success) (database name schema_version_s_idx) */
val index2 = index("schema_version_s_idx", success)
/** Index over (versionRank) (database name schema_version_vr_idx) */
val index3 = index("schema_version_vr_idx", versionRank)
/** Collection-like TableQuery object for table SchemaVersionTable */
lazy val SchemaVersionTable = new TableQuery(tag => new SchemaVersionTable(tag))