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Contributing to Mongoose


  • Before starting to write code, look for existing tickets or create one for your specific issue. That way you avoid working on something that might not be of interest or that has been addressed already in a different branch.
  • Fork the repo or for small documentation changes, navigate to the source on github and click the Edit button.
  • Follow the general coding style of the rest of the project:
    • 2 space tabs
    • no trailing whitespace
    • comma first
    • inline documentation for new methods, class members, etc
    • 1 space between conditionals/functions, and their parenthesis and curly braces
      • if (..) {
      • for (..) {
      • while (..) {
      • function (err) {
  • Write tests and make sure they pass (execute make test from the cmd line to run the test suite).


To contribute to the API documentation just make your changes to the inline documentation of the appropriate source code in the master branch and submit a pull request. You might also use the github Edit button.

To contribute to the guide or quick start docs, make your changes to the appropriate .jade files in the docs directory of the master branch and submit a pull request. Again, the Edit button might work for you here.

If you'd like to preview your documentation changes, first commit your changes to your local master branch, then execute make docs from the project root, which switches to the gh-pages branch, merges from master, and builds all the static pages for you. Now execute node server.js from the project root which will launch a local webserver where you can browse the documentation site locally. If all looks good, submit a pull request to the master branch with your changes.

Plugins website

The plugins site is also an open source project that you can get involved with. Feel free to fork and improve it as well!